Computer Impressions

Minority and veteran-owned IT solutions provider (founded 2002).



If you are interested in exploring current opportunities within the Computer Impressions team please submit your resume.

Become part of our value providing technology team.

Computer Impressions is an equal opportunity employer. We are looking for individuals that are interested in using proven skills in a challenging environment. We work in a collaborative atmosphere and encourage teamwork. Becoming a part of our team could be your opportunity to go to the next level.

Our team

Jesse Salmon - CEO and President

IT Architect, Government Contractor, always curious IT problem solver.

Jesse’s mission is to help you use technology to grow your business.

Carolyn Salmon - Vice President of Human Resources

Experienced cat herder, Employee advocate, wonder woman.

Carolyn’s mission is to partner with you to help you build the best team and develop their talents.

Elizabeth Weems - Office Manager

Extreme bookkeeper, Notary, HR problem solver.

Elizabeth’s mission is to keep the team working on the most important tasks, supporting all the operational objectives, keeping our team focused on what you need now.

Eric Strautman - VP of Business Development

Gap finder, innovator, got it all done yesterday.

Eric’s mission is to help you identify the strategic opportunity that will help your team to focus on your customer’s needs and provide a customized solution to innovate.

Shawn Wyckoff - Technical Support Manager

Network admin, Remote Management expert, always happy to help.

My joy is being the support and leader of people to become the best they can be. To help them learn and grow.

Jason Soltys - Senior Developer

Problem solver, 20 years of coding expertise, always learning and sharing.

Chris Vanarsdale - Junior Developer

Analytical dreamer, eats sleeps and breathes for this. Jedi in training.

Yasha Lange - Project Manager

Active listener, Agile grasshopper, wearing all the hats.


  • Medical Insurance
  • Dental Insurance
  • Life Insurance
  • 401K

  • Legal Service
  • Long-term Disability
  • Short-term Disability
  • Paid Vacation


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